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Logo design and front-end web design for Unity

Клиент: Ивелина Добреваwww.edinenie.me Задание: Изграждане и брандиране на персонален блог. […]


Ivelina Dobvreva


Building and branding a personal blog.


Affinity Designer / Ipad, Desktop
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Affinity Publisher

Combination 2
Ивелина Добрева - ЕДИНЕНИЕ
Ivelina Dobvreva


I realize that I am all that has touched me, that I have noticed and felt, that I have woven and refined through my eyes, soul and hands.

Ivelina Dobvreva

The purpose of this blog was to present the personality of Ivelina Dobreva. Her love for the earth, plants, cuisine, wine, yoga, people, travel, art. The path to herself, by sharing the experience of what she has lived.

I think the most appropriate symbol for this process was the word... UNITY


Abstract Logo

I want the brand to embody this process of unity. The process of connecting, the love of the land, the sharing...

I got the inspiration for the abstract logo from Mycelium, its shape and the mycorrhiza process.

Learn more about my inspiration, the secret life of trees and Mycelium.

Abstract logo 1

Typographic logo

I designed a custom typographic logo in which I used the letter "I" first from the client's name and the mirrored Latin letter "N" to depict the process of turning to oneself.

Typographic logo 1
Typographic logo 2
Combination 3
responsive logo

The logo is responsive and is used in different variations depending on the function and size for which it is intended. The main two variants are abstract and typographic, and they are developed in combinations.

Use of the brand as a decorative element in the urban environment

Business cards

Business cards are 1/2 size. So with the resources for one 90x50mm business card, we produce two 50x50mm cards. This approach saves nature and the client's budget.

Material: 500g black mukawa

Technology: Screen Printing

Business cards


The page interface is responsive and minimalistic with two main themes, dark and light, like ourselves. I wanted the design to be as clean as possible, like a blank canvas for Ivelina to share her creativity, thoughts and themes that excite her.

UI website design - light and dark version
UI Mobile website design - light and dark version
Services provided:

Create name, logo, domain purchase, hosting, website design, website installation, email installation, SSL Certificate installation, business card design and printing.