Logo and its variations

Logos and branding are key elements in creating a visual identity for a company or organization.

Калъп за персонализирани отливки. 3D принтиран калъп.

Mould for customised castings

Are you looking for an affordable and unique way to make your own die cast molds? Look no further! With 3D printing, you can quickly and easily create custom...

Понегелник, шрифт вдъхновен от несъвършенството. Шрифтове от Ивайло Христов Ihristov.com Изтегли безплатно!

Ponegelnik - Font inspired by imperfection

The creation of the Ponegelnik font began with my accidental focus on a faded billboard located a few steps from my front door.

Let's do something together

Dear colleagues, potential partners and clients, I am Ivaylo Hristov, a multidisciplinary designer with a great passion for creativity and exploring new visual and functional solutions. With great pleasure...