Ponegelnik - Font inspired by imperfection

The birth of the font

The creation of the Ponegelnik font began with my accidental focus on a faded billboard located a few steps from my front door.

On the billboard, information about the opening hours was applied with a ballpoint pen, and some modern hairstyles were added with a felt-tip pen.

The reaction it provoked inspired me to create a typeface that would capture the beauty of these imperfections, poise and handwriting. This is how Ponegelnik was born, it stands out for its original look that captures the essence of the imperfect, the street and the local culture.

The inspirational billboard
Pirot Street Varna. The street of my inspiration


As a graphic designer, inspiration can be found anywhere, even outside my front door. One day I came across an old billboard of a haircut studio that immediately caught my attention. The colors had faded from years of exposure to the sun, but someone had redesigned and updated it with pen and felt tip marker. I was struck by the way the owner had added opening hours information and a few modern hairstyles painted on the old design.
Този прост, но въздействащ фрагмент от локалната култура резонира с мен и знаех, че трябва да създам нов шрифт, който да улови същността на несъвършенството и ръчно изработения дизайн.

Така се роди шрифта “Понегелник”,  който съчетава елементи от “старата школа” с модерен дизайн.

The process of creating typefaces is always a challenge, but with the inspiration from this old billboard and my love of typography, I was able to create an original and compelling typeface that embodies the beauty of imperfection. From now on, when I look at that old billboard, I will always remember the birth of Ponegelnik and the power of inspiration.


"Ponegelnik" is a new font I created inspired by an old billboard. The font is multilingual and includes all symbols, numbers and letters. The original is in my native language, with a Cyrillic version available for those who need it.

This is the free version of "Ponegelnik" and I would be happy if you decide to use it in your new projects or graphic designs. Being a designer myself, I understand the importance of having access to new and unique fonts that help convey the right message and mood in a design project. I've created "Ponegelnik" with this in mind and hope it makes a useful addition to your font library.

In the near future, I plan to create an entire "Ponegelnik" family with different densities and variations that will give you even more choices. If you enjoy using "Ponegelnik", you have the opportunity to support me in my efforts to create new fonts that will continue to enhance your projects and graphic design. 

Overall, I'm excited to introduce "Ponegelnik" to the world. This new typeface was created with a lot of love and inspiration and I hope it will be a valuable asset to designers around the world. Thank you for considering using "Ponegelnik" in your future projects, and I look forward to seeing what amazing designs you create with this font!