Hello, my name is Ivaylo Hristov. Nice to meet you.

I am a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator, born and living in Varna. I have over 20 years of experience in various fields of design and project management. I love to create or develop interesting design solutions and ideas, provoking my imagination and professional skills. I like it when I work in different areas of design and the task set before me goes beyond my comfort zone, it provokes me to find new and unconventional solutions. It is these difficulties and multidisciplinary approach that develop me professionally and make me enjoy what I do. Do not hesitate to conntact with me, maybe with you, we will realize the most successful project in our lives. I look forward to meeting you.


Product Design
Package design
Digital Design
Graphic Design
UI Design
Motion Design
Print Design
Interior Design
3D Design
3D Visualisation

Let's do something together

My years of experience in various fields of design, project management, working with colleagues, artists, manufacturers and suppliers of products and services make me a good partner.

I can create and develop your idea, product, brand, business from inception to realization of the goals set before them. From the idea, through the product, service, branding, necessary communication channels to the market and the end customer.

Due to the dynamically developing markets and high competition, today it is especially difficult for creative agencies and advertising studios to hire or retain high-level specialists. For the quality implementation of an idea, product or project, companies and specialists from different fields and with different levels of competence are needed. Of course, this leads to difficult management, long lead times and high budgets that most of the growing companies are unable to cope with.

You can think of me as several companies in one, like a Swiss Army knife, versatile, efficient and convenient to operate. That's mine and yours, a huge plus, together, with trust and a clear idea of the goals we set, we can achieve anything we want, on a time and budget impossible for your competitors.

My reward

I work to achieve ideas, I work because I love my job. Through my work I turn the intangible into the tangible, the dream into reality, the idea into fact. The reward is a consequence of my work but not the cause.

01 Free of charge

I can work without pay if I think the idea or project deserves it and I have the necessary resources and time.

02 Production

I can work to achieve a goal or complete a project for an agreed percentage of the project.

03 Barter

I can work against a good or service if we need each other.

04 Project payment

I can work for a fixed fee on the completion of a specific goal or project.

05 Pay per hour

I can work for a fee per hour. Pay starts from 30 euro per hour depending on area of expertise.


Workflow for my clients.

01 Survey

Every project I work on starts with a period of research. This includes looking at your goals and objectives, researching your industry and target audience, competitors, latest trends. I also look at your existing visual brand identity to make sure any new design or strategy is consistent.

02 Strategy

Once I understand the goals of the project, I begin by developing an overall strategy to achieve it. I develop a plan that guides decisions related to messaging, design, user experience, marketing, audience segmentation, and more. This ensures that all decisions are made according to your needs and that each outcome will contribute to your success.

03 Design and development

This is where the magic happens! The third step in the process is to create everything from scratch. This includes crafting an effective brand identity, developing a website, store, developing products, packaging, labels, creating content that resonates with the audience, building marketing campaigns, advertising and more. All of this will be created specifically for you to best suit your goals.

04 Finalisation and launch

The fourth step in my process is to put the finishing touches. At this point, any additional settings or changes needed will be addressed. Once everything is approved, you're ready to go! I will provide all necessary brand assets and files such as logos, social media templates, font files, and brand guidelines. I'm committed to making sure you have all the necessary items to maximize the success of your idea, product, process or business launch day.

05 Maintenance and management

Most businesses, projects, products and services in their development need periodic preparation of advertising and marketing materials. I am available to you throughout this time, helping you build your brand in the best way.

Let's talk

Do not hesitate to contact me. It would be my pleasure to discuss any topic you are interested in. I look forward to hearing from you!